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I can’t believe it. Ate at the same place two days in a row. And it wasn’t even great food, it was mall food.

Yesterday, dinner at the mall. First choice was Goma Tei Ramen but there was a waiting list. We were in a rush, had to go to the airport to pick-up someone. Ended up at Donburiya Don Don (Ala Moana Center, Makai Market, Honolulu, Hawaii). The Cat likes the ramen in pork bone broth (I forgot the name). I ordered on of their combo meals.

Combo Meal

Combo Meal

Pork bone broth ramen and teriyaki chicken over rice. ‘Cuz I like variety. I think there’s a change in the cooks. Felt the effects of what we believe as MSG overload later (this didn’t happen before).

Today, after my shift ended, I was going to get something from Goma Tei Ramen, and The Cat’s schedule changed, so no lunch for The Mouse. Waaah!

Had to accompany the person we picked-up from the airport last night to the mall so she could shop (don’t ask, long story) After she finished shopping, ended up at the same place again. What the ****!

This time I avoided the pork bone broth.

Teri Chicken and Tempura Combo

Teri Chicken and Tempura Combo

I know teri chicken two nights in a row, sigh.  This time around, not as severe a MSG hit as last night, but it was still there.

So, for two nights in a row, missed eating at Goma Tei Ramen, ate at Donburiya Don Don, ate teri chicken, and it was mall food. Facepalm.

Oh well, **** happens. Just have to keep moving forward. :)

Don’t get me wrong, the food is not bad, not great, but edible. The MSG hits kind of bothered me though.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Used up the rest of the baby bitter melon (see here for part 1). Asked a chef friend about cleaning out the seed section. He said should be okay if the seeds are still soft.

Thinly sliced the melons, resisted the urge to clean out the seeds.

Sliced Bitter Melon

Did a quick stir-fry with left over garlic chicken.

Stir-Fried Garlic Chicken and Baby Bitter Melon

Turned out perfectly. Didn’t add any additional seasoning, the garlic chicken provided enough flavor. The bitter melon gave enough of a bitter contrast to the pungent savory garlic chicken. And the seed were not a problem at all. In fact, the seed section acted like a sponge to help soak up the gravy further enhancing the tastiness.

On the up side, bitter melon is supposed to be healthy too (so it helped to offset the grease in the garlic chicken). :)

Off to meet Chef P and his brother Chef p. We’re helping them do some non-chef things for their business (they offered to pay us in chocolates and pastries, hmmm).

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Baby Steps

First time trying to bone a chicken (cooked or raw) nicely. Growing up, chicken came on foam trays, wrapped in plastic, already boned and skinned. I know, I had a deprived childhood. Hee  hee.

I’ve boned roasted chickens, turkeys, and even a goose before, but the results were less than perfect and the meat usually came off the carcass in bits and pieces (emphasis on bits). Oh and I’ve cut up poultry Chinese style, chop chop chop, bones and all.

Lately, I’ve been watching cooking techniques over the internet, call it on-line education. On the list was boning poultry correctly and in one piece.

Today, one of our supermarkets had a one day sale on roasted chickens, not as cheap as the big box stores, but cheap enough. Good chance to practice.

Roasted Chicken

So I was able to take of the wings and leg portions without a hitch. To be honest, the chicken was so well done, it was almost falling off the bone. Even the breast, I was basically pushing the meat off the bone with the knife, not really carving.

Wings and Legs

Carcass and Breast

All in all, fairly easy, but given the fact that the chicken was so cooperative, not much of a challenge (there were still some bits).

In a way, it was good that the chicken was so well done. Gave me a bit of confidence to continue. Baby steps. Heh heh.

So far, the chicken has been good for two meals. Looks like it’ll last another two meals. Good deal!

And don’t worry, the carcass is in the freezer waiting for the soup pot.

Have a good weekend!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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From last nights dinner. We normally would offer leftovers to the relatives but since the food was judged meh, I didn’t think they wanted any.

The leftovers the next day (today) tasted better (to me anyway). I also re-purposed some of it. The chicken on the minute chicken noodle, I used for a salad.

Minute Chicken Salad

Romaine lettuce, dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, apples, apricots, etc.), dried figs, chiffonade fresh basil, pretzel goldfish crackers (just because), and the chicken. Non-fat raspberry vinaigrette.

I thought pretty yum. :)

I still have leftover kau yuk in the freezer  I need to re-purpose too. That’s another adventure.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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No Pancakes

Sometimes the conversation at our house goes something like this:

“Where do you wanna eat?”

“I dunno, where you wanna eat?”

“I dunno, asked you first.”

I won’t bore you with the complete conversation but you get the gist of  it. This usually goes on for several minutes in various mutations.That’s what happened today.

We ended up at Koa Pancake House (46-126 Kahuhipa Street, Kaneohe, Hawaii), a kind of go to place for us.

The cat is still looking for a good eggs Benedict.

Mahi Benedict

She ordered the mahi Benedict. Had the right volume of Hollandaise sauce and the egg was correctly poached. It was good, but her search continues.

I ordered what might be considered the “blue plate special”, a choice of two (teri chicken, chicken cutlet, teri beef, kalbi, etc.).

“Combo Plate”

I chose the teri chicken and chicken cutlet, breakfast potatoes, and side salad.

Side Salad

Diner food. Nothing fancy. Gets the job done.

Go to a pancake house and not order pancakes. Go figure. :)

Off to watch the closing ceremonies on TV. K’bye.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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