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Chef H chose Assaggio Bistro for his birthday dinner. Good thing he choose. What would happen if The Cat or The Mouse chose wrong. Hee hee.


Chef’s choice.

Deep Fried Calamari
Daily Fish Special

The Cat’s order. Sauteed monchong fish with half pasta and half vegetables. Mmm!

The Mouse went lighter.

Anchovy Sauce over Vegetables

No pasta by choice. ‘Tis the season. Hee hee.

The Mouse likes anchovies. Hee hee. Mmm! 🙂

The Cat and The Mouse are not so familiar with Chef H and M for The Mouse to take pictures of their food. Hee hee. Chef H ordered veal Marsala and M ordered chicken putanesca. Both looked yummy. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Buffet, 100 Sails. turkey available, The Cat and The Mouse did not partake.


Scallop and crispy salmon skin.

Cucumber Slices, Sashimi, Shrimp Cocktail
Steamed Carrots and Cauliflower, Breaded Oysters, Stuffing with Gravy, Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Stuffing with gravy, best part of traditional Thanksgiving meal. 🙂

Fruit, Prime Rib Slice with Horseradish
Cookies, Bread Pudding

No pumpkin pie on the line. That’s okay too. 🙂

The breaded oysters were the highpoint of the meal. Hee hee

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Long Day

The Cat and The Mouse took in an airshow yesterday. An adventure to be sure.

Fly By

The Blue Angels was the highpoint.

Equipment Plane

Unsung heroes of the stars.

On the Line

The Cat and The Mouse tickets included food and drink. Let’s just say the food and drink were less than expected. Highpoint of the food was the poi.


Thick and just barely turning sour. The Mouse ate three containers. Mmm.

The rest of the food and the logistics were meh.

After the show, took us forever to get off base. Parking/traffic control was less than meh.

Late dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

Salad Bar Salad

The Cat’s Vegetable Plate

The Mouse’s Fish Sandwich

Like any adventure, there are ups and downs, in the end, all good. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Snake River Farm guava BBQ Kurobuta pork shank, pan gravy, garlic mashed potato, steamed rice, haricot vert, braised red cabbage. Fall off the bone. Mmm! Both The Cat and The Mouse ordered. Leftovers! 🙂

Dessert, The Cat’s

Strawberry parfait, Italian ladyfingers, fresh macerated strawberries, mascarpone cheese, chantilly cream.

Too much dairy for The Mouse.

Dessert, The Mouse’s

French chocolate decadence cake, chocolate hazelnut gelato, mango sorbet, raspberries.

The Cat and The Mouse very happy and full. And happy birthday to Mrs. P.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Birthday brunch, not The Cat’s nor The Mouse’s. 🙂



Petite apple cinnamon scone and house-made yogurt (coconut milk yogurt for The Mouse) with banana and Manoa honey.

The Cat’s Appetizer

Blue crab cake, saffron aioli, grilled pineapple, arugula. The Cat liked.

The Mouse’s Appetizer

Mediterranean style lamb salad, caper lemon vinaigrette, creamy ranch dressing, roasted lamb, Big Island Hirabara greens, artichokes, Spanish almonds, Kalamata olives, orange, Feta cheese, roasted bell pepper.

Ranks up their with the restaurant’s tableside Caesar salad. Mmm!

Good job Chef H!

Part II tomorrow.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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