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Are you the type that can eat anything anytime? Think fried chicken for breakfast (chicken and waffles?). Or does your brain have food categories (waffles for breakfast, not for dinner)?

As mentioned in the previous post, normal Sunday schedule was “altered”. Earlier breakfast than normal at Zippy’s.

The Cat ordered breakfast.

French Toast, Corned Beef Hash, Fried Egg

The Mouse sometimes falls into the first category.

The Mouse ordered “breakfast”.

Portuguese Bean Soup


Mushroom Burger

Which The Mouse “modified”.

Zippy’s Mushroom Burger with Mouse Mods

The lettuce and onions were eaten separately like a salad with catsup dressing (Hee hee). Added a shiso leaf from our bucket. Yum!

The benefits of eating at Zippy’s, most dishes (except for the daily specials) can be ordered almost at any hour. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse




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Last week, on the way to work, The Mouse drove through Burger King thinking it was a Jack in the Box. Sigh.

Probably needed an extra strong shot of coffee that morning. The person at the other end of the microphone must’ve been confused too when The Mouse tried to order something not on their menu. Anywho, since I was there. Ordered a breakfast croissant.

Anywho, since I was there. Ordered a breakfast croissant.

Breakfast Croissant

Lucky BK breakfast sandwiches are number two on The Mouse’s list of decent chain breakfasts.

One sandwich, over four bucks! Changed order to two sandwiches for five bucks. Had the other one for lunch. Being pake. Hee hee.

Two days later, The Mouse corrected his confusion.

Breakfast Sandwich w/ Shiso Leaf

Maybe The Mouse needs to start taking ginko biloba or something. Old age. Sigh.

Resizing yesterday lunch pictures in process. Post soon.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Started with this.


We have sooooo much tea at home, time to start thinning the inventory. The Cat’s connections think we drink tea in SPAM land like they drink tea at home.

Tea Leaves

With tea, the normal breakfast sandwich, or toast for that matter, wouldn’t quite fit. So …

SPAM Onigiri and Japanese Rolled Omelet

The portable version of SPAM and eggs. Hee hee.

Then, boss #2 (think Star Trek: The Next Generation) brings in dim sum.

Dim Sum

Steamed dumplings, pork hash, fried seaweed and shrimp. Perfect with tea. Hee hee #2.

Another “portable version”. Hee hee #2.

The Mouse ate the dim sum plate for lunch, thank goodness for office microwaves. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat had a spur of the moment inspiration to meet the double-hulled canoe, Hōkūleʻa, return from its three year around the world voyage.


In all, including the Hōkūleʻa, there were eight double-hulled canoes that joined in the procession.


Six from Hawai‘i, one from the Marshall Islands, and one from Tahiti.

After watching the canoes come in, The Cat and The Mouse were hot and sticky.

Breakfast needed to be cool and refreshing.

Açaí Bowl

From the Nordstrom ice cream shop.

After that, The Cat went off to finish some things at the office.

The Catʻs lunch.

Fruit Plate


Salami, Tomato, and Poached Egg on Toast

The Mouse went off to Walmart for a few things.

The Mouseʻs lunch, near Walmart, at the 808 Sheridan Center.


New-ish ramen joint.

Wall Decoration

The Mouse ordered one of their combos, to try a little bit of this and that.

Mini Miso Ramen


Mini Chicken Katsu Curry Rice


Four Piece Gyoza

Portions were pretty substantial, taste, very decent (nothing wow, but nothing to complain about). If in the area, may return.

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Over carbed? Maybe just a little bit. But they were all “brown”. (Sheepish grin).

Ran some “errands”. Washed towels at the laundromat. Our washer doesn’t like towels (bedsheets too for that matter).

While waiting …

SPAM Breakfast

Brown rice, easy over eggs, fried SPAM, whole wheat toast (buttered). Mix the eggs with the rice, SPAM between toast slices. Big nom! Socks not off, but close.

See movie. Wonder Woman. IMHO, more of a hero (like in Greek poems) movie than a “superhero” movie. Definitely, socks off.

“Late” lunch. After the movie.

Ko‘olau Drive Inn. Just to try.

Kalua Pork and Cabbage
Lau Lau Combo with Brown Rice

The kalua pork and cabbage, excellently prepared. One of the best. Lau lau was decent (a little too much pork for The Mouse’s taste, but I’m being picky).

After those two “epic” carb loaded meals, dinner was celery sticks. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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