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The Mouse has been obsessed with this dish for a couple weeks. But the other menu items don’t seem The Cat friendly.

The stars kinda aligned this weekend. The Mouse made a slight detour for breakfast/lunch.


Decor was nice.

British Telephone Box

Okay, it’s not a blue police call box, but close enough. Hee hee.

No menu needed.

Eggs and Bone Marrow

Came with charred bread. Awesome, a little pricey, but an occasional indulgence. The Mouse has declared this week to be an indulgent week. Hee hee.

To “balance out” the bone marrow, The Mouse also ordered vegetable.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The Mouse’s opinion, even better than Herringbone’s Brussels sprouts, not vinegary.

To cap off the breakfast/lunch, The Mouse had his favorite at the mall.

Acai Bowl

From the Nordstrom kiosk.

The Mouse had a good eating day! 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Soup for Breakfast

The Mouse finally got to the black-eyed pea soup (new year gift from Murphy’s).


Soup was hearty, filled with ham. Yum!

The Mouse added a crispy fried egg on top. The key is hot pan, oil, drop egg and turn off heat. Bottom will be crispy, white is cooked, yolk is slightly cooked but still runny. Nom!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse, Santa Meow’s elf. Breakfast.


Been around for over fifty years!

The Mouse’s Plate

Hamburger, fish, bacon, scrambled eggs, greens. Nom!

Miso Soup

The main reason The Mouse ate there?


You can purchase small containers of fish food at the restaurant.

Fish Food

Spread a little holiday cheer to the fishes, although The Mouse thinks the fishes are well taken care of. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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The Mouse rushed out to an early doctor’s appointment yesterday. Everything seems okay, not normal normal, but okay. Doctor is satisfied.

Since The Mouse was near Chinatown, early, and found parking …

Yum cha time!

A little too early for some of the restaurants, still sleeping. Hee hee. Luckily, one of our old standbys opens “early”. Yay!

Early Bird Special

And, offers an early bird special.

Salted Pork and Preserved Egg Congee


Fried Dough


Char Siu Bao


Jasmine Tea

Hmm, what’s in The Mouse’s future. Hee hee.

To the special, The Mouse added.

Stuffed Bean Curd Skin


Custard Tart

The Mouse took home some of the char siu bao and custard tart to share with The Cat.

Needless to say, The Mouse nommed well.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Tale of Two Breakfasts

The Cat’s


Corned beef hash, hash brown, eggs, English muffin.

The Mouse’s

Canned Spinach, Vienna Sausage, Eggs, Natto

Not planned, going through the pantry and refridge.

I know, most people will probably choose The Cat’s, that’s okay, more for The Mouse. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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