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The Mouse picked up from the hot foods area at the grocery store.

Beef Short Ribs

The Mouse paired the ribs with a tomato sandwich.

Tomato Sandwich

Kewpie mayo. Random design out of the squeeze bottle, not secret hieroglyphs. Although … Hee hee.

The Mouse also picked up the last box, Christmas clearance.


The Mouse doesn’t mind mincemeat, he also doesn’t mind fruitcake either. Not have to have but not eww either. 🙂

Bite View

Shortbread cookie crust, sweet filling, The Mouse didn’t taste the whisky, but still tasty.

The Mouse would pair with a strong bergamot (Earl Grey maybe) or green tea.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse Eats Beef

Just a couple of dishes over a couple of weeks.

Wafu Steak

On a sizzling platter with side salad, miso soup, and rice. Mmm.

Beef Stew

Rice and mac salad. Lots of carrot and potato. Mmm. Old school coffee shop/diner style.

Both times The Cat ordered oxtail soup dishes.

Be safe, eat well.

The Mouse

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Break Fast

First meal after the PET scan.

Meatloaf with Vegetables

From the nearby grocery store. The Mouse more vegetables because his eating routine was disrupted by the pre-test eating restrictions.

The meatloaf and veggies were mmm, good. 🙂

A couple more scans and tests in the coming weeks. Ugh!

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Restricted Diet

The Mouse has to have some medical scanning done (I dunno what, so confused). Anyways, from 1:00 PM on, only protein today (no carbs, no sugar, only water, salt and pepper okay). Oh well, could be worse.

Yesterday, The Mouse bought pork and beef chunks (cuts for pork adobo and beef stew).

Pork Chunks
Beef Chunks

The Mouse seared the chunks, drained the excess fat, then poached them in a mixture of olive oil and water.

Oil Poached Pork
Oil Poached Beef

The pork turned out a little better than the beef, maybe not quite enough liquid. Still good though.

After tomorrow, The Mouse is probably gonna need a laxative (sorry, TMI). Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

P.S. The pork is mostly for The Cat, but The Mouse will eat some too. The beef is primarily for The Mouse, maybe exclusively.

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Just a Burger

The Mouse ran an errand looking for a “treat” for The Cat’s Halloween.

Since he was there, picked up a burger at the mall.

Classic Burger

Medium rare, substitute plain baked potato for French Fries. Part 1, The Mouse ate half of the baked potato and everything else except the hamburger patty. The hamburger patty and half of the baked potato is Part 2.

The Mouse eats weird, what else is new. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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