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BBQ prices over here in SPAM Land is pricey. The Mouse is not sure about the cost of running a BBQ business but ordering is pricey. The Mouse saw a new restaurant opening nearby. Menu prices were reasonable. The Mouse was interested in the roast pork sandwich, sadly item was discontinued. Sigh.

The Mouse went with a brisket sandwich with added fries. Still the brisket sandwich price was reasonable as compared with other places, not cheap, reasonable.


At a golf course nearby.

Brisket Detail

The Mouse is not sure the brisket was smoked, no smoke ring. Still very tender, moist, and tasty. The fries were good too. The Mouse would order again. Restaurant also has cold lobster, shrimp, and crawfish rolls on menu. The Mouse may want to try those too.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse, waiting for The Cat to come home, she was delayed at work.

L&R Drive-In.

Hamburger, Plain

The kitchen seasons their burger patties well. The Mouse opinion, no sauce/condiments needed (The Mouse would never eat a MickyD hamburger this way, needs all the condiments).

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Food court upstairs of downtown H Mart.


The Mouse found location a couple of weeks ago. Not cheap eats but decent and reasonble price. First time bought a chasiu bowl for The Cat’s bento.

This time, two toes in the water. Hee hee.

Chasiu Bowl

Bonus is the poached egg included.

Sukiyaki Bowl

The Mouse’s lunch. Two bowls, three meals. The Mouse contributed some rice the the egg to The Cat’s second bento.

Looking forward to the next visit. Mmm.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse picked up from the hot foods area at the grocery store.

Beef Short Ribs

The Mouse paired the ribs with a tomato sandwich.

Tomato Sandwich

Kewpie mayo. Random design out of the squeeze bottle, not secret hieroglyphs. Although … Hee hee.

The Mouse also picked up the last box, Christmas clearance.


The Mouse doesn’t mind mincemeat, he also doesn’t mind fruitcake either. Not have to have but not eww either. 🙂

Bite View

Shortbread cookie crust, sweet filling, The Mouse didn’t taste the whisky, but still tasty.

The Mouse would pair with a strong bergamot (Earl Grey maybe) or green tea.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse Eats Beef

Just a couple of dishes over a couple of weeks.

Wafu Steak

On a sizzling platter with side salad, miso soup, and rice. Mmm.

Beef Stew

Rice and mac salad. Lots of carrot and potato. Mmm. Old school coffee shop/diner style.

Both times The Cat ordered oxtail soup dishes.

Be safe, eat well.

The Mouse

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