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Yesterday’s eats.

The Mouse was hunting for lunch and got distracted. Originally looking for kalua pork or poke. Saw a mark down mini bento of salmon cake.

Salmon Cake, Fried Noodle

Slightly on the dry side (kinda expected since it looked like it sat in the warmer for a while), but, it was cheap.

The Cat had Indian curry chicken.

Curry Chicken Lunch Plate

For dinner, The Mouse got distracted again. Beef stew mini bento.

At first, the stew did not look too appetizing, very dark, could not distinguish the meat from the vegetables, but try try.

Beef Stew Mini Bento

Almost looked like chili without beans. But my oh my, what a find. Deep rich flavor, reminded The Mouse of the time one chef friend made Beef Bourguignon. Not drive inn local style beef stew by a long shot. Although The Mouse likes both versions.

If on the menu again and looks like that, definitely order. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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