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Try Try

The Mouse used to frequent a Korean BBQ restaurant before the event that cannot be named. They used to offer a lunch buffet for a reasonable price (no cheap eats). The buffet table usually contained several kim chee vegetables, rice, seaweed soup, a fried or grilled dish (usually chicken), and a stir-fried or stew (kim chee stew). Once in a while, a treat. Then the event that cannot be named happened.

Recently, the restaurant semi-restored its lunch offering. Two protein or tempura choices, rice, vegetable, and soup all you can eat.

The Mouse ordered mahi jun and BBQ pork.

Mahi Jun, BBQ Pork

The Mouse felt the plate/serving was a little sparse. The Mouse thinks with the rising food cost, restaurant had to decide to keep cost reasonable or reduce portions. The Mouse can’t fault small business, but as a consumer, situation was a bit jarring.

The selection of kimchi was also cut down a bit.


Cucumber and cabbage kimchi, bean sprouts, green salad, and macaroni salad. Pre-unspeakable, there maybe two more vegetable offerings? Oh well.

Seaweed Soup, Fried Rice

The Mouse loaded up on vegetables, soup, and salad. Purposely took home the pork for The Cat’s bento. The fish would not survive as leftover.

The Mouse will return, to support small business, just not too often.

Posting late, internet connection was down, slightly windy weather.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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