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Our neighbor helped his friend harvest his avocado tree. His tree was being attacked by something, bugs or virus, and the friend didn’t want the avocados go to waste. The tree was cleared of fruit. Our neighbor got more fruit than he could handle. A lucky dilemma. Neighbor shared.


Neighbor said they looked ugly but are good eating. He was right.

The Cat has a love/hate relationship with “avocado toast”. In her mind, avocado toast is her first experience at an Italian restaurant in Waikiki. Any other avocado toast that doesn’t recreate the dish “fails”.

The Mouse took a different route. French “baguette” roll, split and toasted, avocado, slightly smashed to fit the roll, no other spread, the avocado has enough “fat”. A sprinkle of Kaua’i sea salt, very little black pepper, and a quarter pinch of Szechuan pepper. Hope and pray for the best.

Avocado “Baguette”

The Cat approved. The roll was sturdy enough to contain the avocado, seasoning was on point. Thumbs up. \ooo/

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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