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Cucumber and Bakery

The Cat wanted a lighter dinner. The Mouse “threw” something together.

Cucumber Soup

Wakame, lotus seed, one egg, and sea salt to taste.

There was an inch or two of cucumber left. The Mouse thin-sliced it and added it to his MickyD burger.

The Mouse’s Dinner

Quarter pounder, no salt, light mustard, light ketchup, heavy pickles, fresh cucumber, and The Mouse’s new “obsession”, Bulldog sauce. Mmm.

Red dot bakery purchases.


Bought from the grocery store, The Mouse thinks it was repackaged from bulk.

Apple Scones

The Cat likes, no comparison to Chef H’s, but pretty good.

As a reminder, this was Chef H’s apple scone.

Chef H Apple Scone and Coconut Yogurt with Honey and Bananas

See, no comparison. Hee hee.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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