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The last Costco run, The Cat bought a package of prunes. The package sat in the pantry. The Mouse has been nibbling, but not a favorite.

The Mouse looked for a recipe that would incorporate pork and prunes. Found one.

The Mouse took a piece of pork rib, five or six prunes, enough water to braise. Added ginger and coconut vinegar (whatever was in the pantry). One wood-ear fungus, rehydrated, boiled, sliced into strips.

Before serving, added head cabbage. A German chef once told The Mouse that pork, cabbage and vinegar works well.

Vinegar Braised Pork and Prunes with Cabbage

Pic taken through steam. The Cat liked. Chinese/German-inspired (vinegar braised pig feet: thanks Yummy Lummy for the reminder: https://yummylummy.com/2022/05/05/pig-trotters-vinegar-and-ginger/ and German pork and red cabbage).

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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