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Buying Bread

The Cat and The Mouse did a little shopping yesterday. Day off for The Cat. The Cat uses a couple of charge cards that offer rewards for using. She had dollars at Macy’s that expire in a couple of days. Since she didn’t need anything at the moment, so The Mouse got two pairs of slippers. Yay!

Since we were at the mall, The Mouse checked to see if the Japanese bakery had bread ends. The bakery sells the end pieces of sliced bread separately from its regular sliced loaves for cheap. The Mouse guesses most customers don’t like the ends?

The Cat thought one of their pastries was cute.

Flat Bread with Vegetables

The bag of bread ends is in the background. The Mouse imagines it takes a good amount of loaves to fill accumulate enough bread ends to fill one bag. The availability is hit or miss. The Mouse was lucky yesterday. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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