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Small-kid time, The Mouse loved gravy over rice. As he grew older, he realized the unhealthiness of the dish. Cut back severely. Still enjoy gravy rice but in moderation and few and far between frequency.

The Mouse thought he was ordering healthy yesterday. Tofu and vegetables over rice from the neighborhood chop suey.

Plate Lunch

Surprise! Lots of gravy, The Mouse was anticipating a simple stir-fry. He was tempted to eat the whole order but resisted. More than half of the rice and a fair bit of the gravy and vegetables were taken out for The Cat’s bento. The Mouse ate the rest. The gravy was not unwelcome, it was enjoyed, just a surprise. And The Mouse has refrained from “gravy rice” for a while. Overall, The Mouse ate mostly healthy. That’s The Mouse’s story and he is sticking with it. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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