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Probably one of the last leisure outing opportunities before The Cat goes into tax mode. First, a visit to a health food store to look for papayas. The papaya selection has not been too good in SPAM Land recently. The fruit tends to start rotting from the stem side before fully ripening. Trying the health food store to see if better.

The Mouse picked up a clearance “wheat less” muffin to try try.

Wheat Less Muffin Half

Uhm, no. Very dry, sandy-like texture. Good thing it was reduced price.

Next was lunch at nearby chop suey restaurant. More pics tomorrow. A preview for now.

Making Dumplings

Gau gee. Mmm. The Mouse loves watching/learning how food is made.

The Mouse prefers boiled but guessing most of the dumplings will be deep-fried.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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