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The Mouse has a new-ish phone, for some reason, The Mouse dunno why, whenever a pic is taken, there are several other files that show up. The Mouse got mixed up and didn’t see some of the izakaya pics to download. Let’s just call this post izakaya part 2. Sigh.

House Made Tofu with Shoyu Jelly

One of their signature starters. Mmm.

Monkfish Liver

You know monkfish liver? Looks like something Stephen King might dream up? Anyways, the liver has been called foie gras of the sea. The Mouse gave his portion to The Cat’s schoolmate, first time try. Nom!

Fish Bone Chips

Another of the izakaya’s signature appetizers. Mixed in are sardine chips, also deep fried. Both are nom. Hee hee.

Ok, that’s all the pics from the izakaya eats. The Mouse says too much technology, The Cat says operator error.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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