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Another saimin day. “Deluxe” frozen saimin.

Frozen Saimin

The Mouse just added a little more “horse power”, hee hee. Bought a package of fish cake, similar to the single slice packaged with the saimin.

Fish Cake

The Mouse learned, the accouterments should be thinly sliced, to accompany the noodles, not over power it.

SPAM and Fish Cake

The Mouse also added more SPAM, well, just because. Hee hee.

Ohh, also added a pinch of dried shrimp and wakame (more umami), and drastically cut down the powdered soup base (too much sodium).

Dried Shrimp

Everyone into the bowl.

The Mouse’s Saimin Deluxe


A perfect pairing would be to have an old fashion hamburger, nothing gourmet, bun, meat, spread. In The Mouse’s old age, the burger was postponed until dinner.

Old School Hamburger Sandwich

The Mouse had a happy food day. 🙂

The Cat also had a good noodle day.

Dan Dan Mein

The Cat forgot to order “mild”, came out spicy. Still good though.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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