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Working through chef’s vegetable balsket. First turnip and tops, the tops were a little wilted, nothing wrong, seems turnip tops naturally wilt fast.

The Mouse soaked them in water for a while (it’s good to work at home 🙂 )


The Mouse peeled and simmered the turnips for The Cat’s bento.

The Cat’s Bento

Base of rice and sweet potato, takan and pork belly, turnips. The Mouse kept the turnips whole for aesthetic purposes. The Cat they looked like mice butts. Hee hee.

For the turnip tops, The Mouse added them to The Cat’s ramen bowl of lamb rib bones and wakame.

The Cat’s Noodle Bowl

The Cat slurped.

If The Mouse could turn back time, maybe open up a small ramen shop. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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