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The Mouse had a lightbulb moment (a rarity, hee hee). After getting the first vaccination, The Mouse bought a Filet-O-Fish from MickyD’s (no cheese, add pickles). As an experiment, The Mouse sprinkled apple cider vinegar on the fish after getting it home (no malt vinegar in the pantry).

Fish Sandwich

Kinda works. Turns out, The Mouse was craving vinegar taste more than fish and chips. Hee hee.

Maybe the next trip to the grocery store, The Mouse will look for malt vinegar.

For dinner, The Cat brought home Irish stew from the pub she kinda frequents.

The Mouse ate a portion over steamed brown rice.

Beef Stew

Mmm nom!

For vegetable, The Mouse opened a tin of mixed vegetables (small-kid time combo).

Can of Mixed Vegetables

Eating-wise, The Mouse had a good time yesterday, “health-wise”, not so great, left arm (site of the injection) experiencing muscle and joint pain. The Mouse gonna take some Tylenol and maybe take a nap.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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