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The blob, part ii. Another baggie of “merged” dumplings. Options were to toss it or “bite the bullet” and eat it. Ugh! Erring on the side of not wanting to waste, The Mouse decided to tackle the blob. Instead of another steaming episode, The Mouse decided to fry it. A little oil, non-stick fry pan, and medium low heat. About ten/fifteen minutes on one side, flipped for another ten/fifteen minutes on the other side, half cup of water or so, turned the heat to medium/medium high, and covered for another five/ten minutes.

Fried Blob

Also known as one giant pot-sticker. Hee hee. 

Hundred times better than steamed, but still a challenge. The Mouse had to take a food coma nap after. Zzz.

BTW, much thanks to https://hangakugozen.wordpress.com/ for the suggestion and instructions for frying, I guess great minds think alike. \ooo/

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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