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Same place, Ruby Tuesday, twice.

First time was to take the person that help set up the home remote computer. The second was so that The Cat could get her mudd pie (the first time, The Mouse forgot his lactase pills, sigh).

The Cat’s plates.


Cajun shrimp skewers with dirty rice and broccoli.


Half rack of ribs, baked potato, broccoli.

The Mouse’s plates.


One pound ribeye steak, Ruby Tuesday running a monthly special. Two baked potato because The Mouse knew this plate would be multiple meals, three actually. So good, The Mouse may go back for one more before the promotion ends. 😉


Hamburger steak with gravy and mushrooms. Mmm.

Weirdly, on day 2, even with lactase pills, The Mouse still had a minor colon cleanse, sorry TMI. Maybe too much lactose at one time.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse


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