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Funny, The Mouse was acquainted with the former owner of the location, she also made scones. Actually, it was advantageous for the new owner, the regular customers kept coming, liked the new owner’s recipes and stayed on.


Not too big, kinda small, just right? The Mouse thinks for now, since it is a one-woman operation, size is good.

Main reason for “hunting” was to procure a Japanese cheesecake for co-worker at the warehouse, which The Mouse did.

Japanese Cheesecake

The Mouse is gonna have an interesting commute to work tomorrow. Hee hee?

The Cat tried the lilikoi soda, fresh pureed lilikoi and Perrier. Very refreshing. The Mouse forgot to take a pic.

And a couple of different scones. The Mouse also forgot to take pics. Sigh.

But the scones are really good. The Cat was not a fan of scones until yesterday, The Mouse kinda too.

Will be back soon, hopefully, The Mouse remembers to take pics.

Shop info: https://www.bbckailua.com/

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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