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Ugh! Forgot to push publish, again. 

Another small-kid time favorite from the school cafeteria. If The Mouse was lucky enough to work in the cafeteria with meatloaf on the menu. Heaven. The gravy was the best. 

Meatloaf dinner from the neighborhood grocery store.

Meatloaf Plate Lunch, Gravy all over

Pretty close to small-kid time hanabata days, even down to the corn side. 🙂

Sometimes, if not most times, at the end of the lunch shift, there would be extra rice, or mash potato, and, most important, extra gravy. The cafeteria ladies would let the students workers have a bowl of rice (or mash) with gravy. 

“Will work for rice and gravy”. Hee hee.

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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