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Across the parking lot from the grocery store The Mouse frequents there is a bar/lounge/dive bar. The Mouse was never interested.

The Mouse was feeling “adventurous”. He thought he saw a sign recently listing their food menu with smoked meat listed. But yesterday, new sign, no smoked meat. Sigh.

However, one of the dishes listed was pork belly with mustard cabbage, a worthy substitute? The Mouse ordered.

Pork Belly with Mustard Cabbage Plate Lunch

Rice came in its own separate container.

Overall, dish was done well. If The Mouse was cooking, he would’ve parboiled the pork belly for a bit to soften and render some of the fat before stir-fry, but no matter, still good, just a bit chewy.

3/4 of the rice and the potato (top left) went into The Cat’s quick jook for dinner.

The Mouse is inspired to try and recreate this one day. Paw up. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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