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First, yesterday there was a power outage, no way to post. 😦

Ok, onward.

Last Sunday’s lunch, original plan was to go to the art museum, The Cat’s choice. Their website was a little confusing. The Cat and The Mouse took a chance and drove to town. Unfortunately the museum and attached cafe was closed.

Plan B. Sakura Terrace. From previous post, timing, everything.

The Mouse got his omurice.

Omurice Lunch

Miso soup and takuan. Mmm.

The Cat ordered maguro steak bento.

Maguro Steak Bento

The maguro (tuna) was lightly seared (still sashimi inside) and covered with a grated radish ponzu combination. The Cat liked. For the price, it was a lot of food. Quality was excellent. The Cat wants to return.

A little dessert.

Coconut Sorbet

Light and fresh.

Quality ingredients, cooked with respect. Awesome job.

The exterior of the restaurant is surrounded by bamboo and greens, almost garden-like. Which, coincidentally is the environment of the museum cafe. So kinda a good plan b. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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