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Wall Art and Dim Sum

After doctor appointment yesterday, The Mouse did a quick run into Chinatown.

Wall art in front of the parking space.

Wall Art

Kinda creepy. But one of the details caught The Mouse’s eye.


The “why” boggled The Mouse’s brain, but the drawing of the baby pig was kinda cute.

Moving on, since The Mouse was in Chinatown, did dim sum take-out. Picking up dim sum was not The Mouse’s initial purpose for heading into Chinatown.

Steamed Char Siu Bao

Regular dim sum restaurant char siu bao. Standard dim sum restaurant char siu bao. On hindsight, The Mouse should have gone to Char Hung Sut to pick up char siu bao, but The Mouse wanted to stay in Chinatown as little time as possible, he is still a little paranoid about the pandemic and crowd contact.


The meatballs were saved for The Mouse’s bento tomorrow the siu mai, the shrimp dumpling, and the chive dumpling were eaten fresh along with the char siu bao with jasmine tea. Nom.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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