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Sorry, the title is a little confusing, The Mouse will explain.

Place known for their gravy, not gourmet, no fancy name, no flambe, just good old fashion drive-in style gravy.


Also, one of the few place that still serve green river.

At first, The Mouse was going to order their hamburger steak or loco moco (both of which include gravy), but in the end, The Mouse had a change of stomach and went with the healthier? fish plate lunch.

Fish Plate Lunch

Breaded, pan-fried. Delicious with the tartar sauce. Yum.

The Mouse also ordered a side of mandoo, but the order got upgraded to a full order, maybe the face masks added to the miscommunication.


The Mouse would have preferred steamed, but deep-fried is okay too. Hee hee.

And, to wash everything  down.

Green River

Secured for the ride home.

Oh, and since The Mouse’s palate has acquired the taste for ponzu, The Mouse picked up a bottle.

Ponzu Sauce

Dipped the mandoo. Nom!


Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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