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The Mouse rushed out yesterday to get blood tests, today is a holiday. On the way home, The Mouse stopped into a modern Japanese deli for food (The Mouse had to fast overnight before the blood test). The Mouse thinks modern because the deli’s focus is more on musubi than typical okazu-ya food (teri beef, shoyu chicken, nishime, etc.).

Breakfast Bento

Covers many of The Mouse’s food groups, Portuguese sausage, SPAM, eggs, rice, and takuwan for the vegetable representation. Hee hee.

Picked up something for The Cat.

Salmon Belly

The Cat ate if for dinner. The skin wasn’t crispy like Chef H, but The Cat liked anyway. The Mouse made leftover rice jook with celery to accompany the salmon skin.

Ahi Cakes

The Mouse’s dinner, with the leftover baked potato from the burger meal the other night.

All in all good eats.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse


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