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The Mouse wanted gravy yesterday. Dunno why.

“Brunch” after dentist cleaning.


Beef stew over rice, arabiki musubi, tofu musubi, steamed broccoli, honey ginger “tea”. Japanese style beef stew, the gravy base is very rich tasting. The Mouse would eat the arabiki musubi again. No match to a SPAM musubi but very good.

For dinner, The Mouse still in “gravy mode”. Another locally owned take-out.

Daily Special #3

Chili burger and mushroom chicken. Weird combo, but, kinda works. There’s a burger patty buried under the chili. Majority of the rice and more than half of the mushroom chicken packed for The Cat’s bento, The burger patty and a little of the chili packed for The Mouse’s bento. Mac salad and the rest for The Mouse’s dinner. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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