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Fish Friday

The Mouse was unexpectantly given Friday off. Not The Mouse’s fault, someone in the office was being tested for COVID-19 and as a precaution, the accounting staff was ordered self-quarantined for Friday at least. Late Thursday, we wiped down our area, took home a folder or two of work, just in case we got bored. and sent off.

Normally, The Mouse packs lunch, but the food is geared toward microwave reheating. The Mouse guesses he could have MacGyvered something, lazy.

Lunch was Subway.

Tuna Sandwich

With all the vegetables. Nom!

Fish Sandwich

From Jack’s, enhanced with shiso leaves from the bucket. The Mouse’s opinion, Jack’s is much better than McD’s. Seems a bigger fish. Plus it’s on a meal special right now, good deal. Almost getting fries and drink for free.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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