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The Mouse “voluntold” for last minute “corporate” shopping for The Cat. Chocolates from The Halekulani. Since he was there, picked up a few thing for ourselves. A croissant, a banana and coconut pastry thingy, and a loaf of fig and nut bread.

The Mouse wasn’t thinking straight, too tired sitting in holiday traffic, forgot to take pics of the pastries after bring them home. Tried to this morning from the freezer, the result.

Banana and Coconut Pastry Thingy?

A bit too frosty. Oops.

The Mouse also went to looking for packaging. On to Walmart, ugh, more “congestion”.

So, lately, The Mouse has been trying to eat smaller portions. the food bags we have are a little too big, The Mouse picked up something that reminded him of small-kid time hanabata days.

Sandwich Bags

And not just any sandwich bags, these have been infused with “The Force”. Hee hee.

I have not seen any of the “third” series of films, the three “prequels” kind of killed the franchise for The Mouse, possibly will see the last of the nine for nostalgia. Are you planning to see? Are you a fan?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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