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Yesterday was a kind of Murphy’s law day, not serious, just enough.

Breakfast was last minuted from the nearby grocery store, along with fruit and vegetables, and oatmeal for the week.


Fried rice, scrambled eggs, SPAM. It was the tail end of the breakfast hour so kinda almost, but not quite leftover quality (or a little too much time on the steam table), but still not bad, “comfort” food. The Lau Gan Ma chili sauce, just a little, helped.

And since it was a late breakfast, and The Mouse was at the grocery store, he added a little side dish.

Poke with Kukui Nut

Again, with a touch of Lau Gan Ma. The Mouse loves spicy tuna but decided to cut down on the mayonnaise. The Lau Gan Ma is a worthy substitute. Not the same mouthfeel but the Szechuan pepper mouth-numbing effect makes up for it. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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