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Another lazy Saturday. The Mouse played around with sliders.

Tulip Slices on Bao Bun, Dinner Roll

I know, I know, it’s not SPAM. The Mouse has a perfectly reasonable explanation. The warehouse had a couple cans in the kitchen, co-worker wanted to use half. The Mouse took the other half.

Sliced them and dry fried. The Mouse thinks the dinner roll was a better platform for the “luncheon meat”. But after all, it’s all about the pickle. Hee hee.

The Mouse finally made it to the mall to start Christmas shopping, yikes! to be honest, already did some on-line. More comfortable.

But, on-line, there are no snack opportunities. Hee hee.


Made fresh and hot! Yay! The Mouse went with the traditional red bean filling.  Nom!

Nutella would be too rich and the other filling might have dairy. Sorry, TMI.

The Mouse also stopped in Chinatown. Later on that.

But, saw a sign of hope. The old Wo Fat, the restaurant, not the Hawai‘i Five-O villain, had fallen on hard times since the restaurant closed, used to be a fave for special occasions small kid time.

Sign, The Past


Sign, The Future?

Realistically? The Mouse is not expecting the old restaurant to return, but hope they do the location respect and the flavor that it used to be. But who knows with government? projects. For now, the initiative is started. Can only wait and see.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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