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So, The Mouse is back home from the hospital. A bit of surgery. Choices were surgery or radiation. The Mouse did not want to turn into “The Incredible Hulk”, well in comic books maybe, but not in real life.

Only liquids on Thursday. Basically medically dehydrated and poked on Friday. Back to liquids (chicken broth, a bit of steamed rice) Friday evening, The Mouse did not ingest much. Too uncomfortable and no appetite.

Saturday was get up and walk (first time was wobbly), and a bit more appetite. Very little oils or seasoning.


Oatmeal, papaya, coffee, and ginger ale (nurses said the ginger ale helps settle the stomach).


Chicken jook, vegetables, fruits, vitamin water.

So, my immediate goals are/were (from the nurses): stand up (check), walk (check) pass gas (happily check) and bm (still working on that one).

Going back to bed now. More later.

Eat well.

The Mouse


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