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Naan Mi?

Disclaimer: The Mouse in now way is trying to misappropriate any cultural heritage in this post. Not meaning to offend anyone in anyway. Just playing with his food.

The Mouse loves certain portions of banh mi sandwiches, the pate paste, the pickled turnip and carrot combo, not so much the bread. He used to like the bread, but as he got older, his jaw not as “shark-like” and the crust gets kinda scratchy in the mouth.

The Cat bought another package of mini naan bread from Costco, was on sale. The Mouse likes the naan, soft, easy to bite, easy to chew. Hmm, what about?

The Mouse made a trip to the Wednesday farmers market especially for a container of turnip and carrot pickles. Assembled the ingredient at home.

The Makings “Stuff”

Naan, shiso, pickled veggies, liver spread. The orange and raisin toast bread are dessert.

A slice or two of sliced ham for added support and additional pickles (Wine and Herb) from Picnics from the Vine, and The Mouse is done.

The Mouse’s Naan Mi Sandwich

Extremely nom! Think large bao bun, soft taco, banh mi, naan sandwich, kitchen sink. Hee hee.

Wine and Herb Pickles

The Mouse thinks the only thing missing was the Maggi seasoning sauce. That’s okay, sometimes the sauce, while tasty, can get a bit salty. Ohh, maybe a small shmear of vegemite next time.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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