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Misdirections and Detours

First, The Mouse’s internet was down yesterday, hence the inability to post. 😦

Saturday, The Mouse was kinda looking for good tonkatsu, breaded pork, not pork broth. The Mouse was too late for any of the tonkatsu specialty restaurants (he started searching after 2:00). Next was a bar and grill that used to have good Okinawan cuisine, used to be a dive on the fringes of Chinatown, which subsequently changed owners and locations. The Mouse, not knowing it was college football Saturday, was basically told, in not so many words, was not welcomed. Suffice to say, will not be returning.

So, The Mouse’s late lunch was dim sum, restaurant very accommodating, and because so late, no lines, although some of the selections were sold out, but at least exceeded expectations at being hospitable. 🙂

Char Siu Puff Pastry


Fried Turnip Cake


Shrimp and Chive Dumpling


Mushroom and Preserved Vegetable Bao


Bite View

Rushing off to work, first day of school after summer break. Gotta go now. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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