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Just a suggestion, don’t get old. Ugh. Blood and number 1 test.

Breakfast (after tests) take out from Micky D’s (plus pantry).

The Mouse’s Breakfast

Oatmeal (for fiber), griddle cake? (first time try for The Mouse, it’s good!), breakfast burrito, lotsa condiments from the pantry.

The Mouse is not quite sure what the griddle cake is but The Mouse likes.

The Mouse ventured to the next “town” the lunch plate from a chop suey house looked interesting. Expectations exceeded.

Lunch Plate

Rice, cold ginger chicken, pot roast pork, beef and vegetables, two crispy won ton. Good stuff, reasonably priced too! Most of the chicken and little more than half of the pork going to this week’s bento for The Cat (two days), The Mouse ate the rest. Nom! Taste was decent too! Yay!

Definitely will return.

The Mouse was trying to wean off carbs but after the poking and prodding, he needed comfort food. 🙂

Off to the farmers market.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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