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Sorry, not much to write about today, still kind of feeling the aftereffects from Wednesday. Ick.

So, we have a package, sent over by The Cat’s brother, thought it was dried dates, at least that was the translation, you know, like whispering something in someone’s ear and passing it on?

Anyways, The Mouse thought to use a few dates in The Cat’s soup the other night.

Tip off should have been the cartoon-y characters on the packaging.

Turns out, the package is date flavored cookie snacks.

“Date” Cookies

Kinda looks like the dried dates, even down to the hole in the middle after de-seeding. Good thing The Mouse bit one before throwing them into the soup. That would have been something to write about eh? Hee hee.

Goes pretty well with coffee.

Happy weekend y’all.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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