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The Cat has a semi-homebound client that she has been delivering her prescriptions for. Recently, the client has had some health issues that kept her on pretty much a liquid diet.

Client finally was cleared by her doctor to eat again, The Cat thought she might like a real food meal, and some company. Unfortunately, client suffered a setback (not eating related) and cancelled lunch.

The Mouse and The Cat decided to pick up food and drop it off so at least she has something to eat, and since we were there, might as well eat too.



Chicken Consomme

Standard complimentary starters at the restaurant. The Mouse loves the popovers. Nom!

The Mouse’s Bowl

Red and golden beets, sweet onions, edamame, radish, carrots, avocado, Japanese pickled daikon, furikake brown rice, sesame dressing (menu description)

This dish was good, vegetarian, ordered another for The Cat’s client. Too bad there were no simmered shiitake mushrooms, just a bit of umami.

The Cat’s Plate

Misoyaki Kona kampachi, multigrain rice, garlic ginger choy sum, king crab namasu, kabayaki butter (menu description).

The Cat Ended the Meal with Coffee

Packed up chicken consomme, three popovers, and the beet bowl for the client. very appreciative. The Cat did good.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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