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The Mouse doesn’t mind eating breakfast food for dinner, etc.

Picked up his injection prescription yesterday, since he was in the area …

And it was around brunch time … 🙂


The Mouse can order off of the senior section in the menu! Hee hee.

Didja know one of the side options when ordering a sandwich are pancakes? The Mouse did a happy dance.

BLT Sandwich with Pancakes

Sandwich and dessert. Hee hee.

Of course, The Mouse had to try all the syrups.


Strawberry, buttered pecan, blueberry, old fashioned (maple). The Mouse thinks the buttered pecan was best.

Nice to know pancakes are an option when ordering a sandwich, fries, onion rings, salad, or soup were the other options. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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