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Fish & Chips

The Mouse has been jonesing for a while. Kinda hard to find in SPAM Land. Tried to satisfy the wants with fish sandwiches from fast food franchises. Nope. Ended up at a burger joint.

Fish & Chips

There used to be a fish & chips take-out years/decades ago that was located in a grocery store at the mall. First time trying for The Mouse (small-kid time). Served in baskets lined with fake newspaper. The Mouseʻs first exposure to malt vinegar.

Malt Vinegar

So yesterdayʻs fish & chips kinda satisfied the craving but did not reach the level from that little stand decades ago. The old hole-in-the-wall stand used to use cod for the fish, yesterdayʻs fish was pollack. Texture not the same, cod more “meaty”, pollack more “pillowy”. The search continues.

Another off-subject picture.

In the Camera Frame

Two of The Mouseʻs fantasy owns (in one camera frame), a Jeep Wrangler (totally impractical), and a small motorcycle. Not the “now-a-days” fancy high powered street racers, not the monstrous noisy beasts. Although those are nice to look at, probably more trouble for The Mouse can handle. Just a small Norton, Triumph, old Honda styled runaround type. Pipedreams.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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