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Started off with The Mouse picking up his prescription, the specialty pharmacy only opens until 12:00 noon. Then, off to chingming with the relatives.

Looking Towards the Hill


View Toward the City


The Ancestor


The Offering

The Mouse couldn’t stay for lunch, had to do the inconvenient paycheck cashing (looong story). So, picked up a gravy/rice bowl on the way.


Recently opened. The Mouse was looking at the musubi selection but a little pricey, went with a bowl of rice and Japanese beef stew instead (more quantity for the money, remember, The Mouse is “pake”, Hee hee).

Japanese Beef Stew Bowl

Not photogenic, but yummy. Lots of gravy, enough vegetables and beef, definitely going back for the stew, and maybe the curry (Japanese style).

Dinner was kinda impromptu. The Mouse kinda was leaning toward the Irish pub near The Cat’s office, but The Cat seemed to be needing Chinese comfort food, on the way looking for parking, we ended up here.


Go figure. Shared the vegetarian sampler plate.

Vegetarian Sampler Plate

With sourdough injera flatbread. While filling, The Mouse thought something was still “missing”. Nothing a small Mickey D burger can’t satisfy (just sayin’), hee hee.

Desert was a peanut drink, reminded The Cat of Chinese black sesame drink, reminded The Mouse of melted peanut butter. 🙂

Peanut Drink

An “adventurous” Saturday.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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