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The Mouse stopped in after work, some bento ingredients for The Cat’s bento next week, some prepped food for The Mouse. 🙂

Mixed Rice

For The Cat’s bento.

Sweet Potato Tempura

Also for The Cat’s bento.

Pork Cheeks

Again, for The Cat’s bento. The Mouse not quite sure what no-recipe this will be but some kinda braise.

Bulgogi Bowl

The Mouse’s dinner.

The label said mushroom bulgogi. The Mouse thought it was all mushroom done in the bulgogi style but although the bowl had mushrooms, there was quite a bit of beef too. Got The Mouse thinking, possible to make an all mushroom bulgogi dish? Maybe not vegetarian, but no meat? Hmm. The Mouse must think about that one. Intriguing.


Also for The Mouse’s dinner. The Mouse went at “pake” time (The Mouse’s own label). Prepped foods discounted a dollar off each. Small score, hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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