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Canned Peanuts

No, not the “dry roasted” variety, although The Mouse won’t turn them down, not his favorite. If he has a choice, The Mouse chooses boiled peanuts.

Been staring at this can of boiled peanuts anytime I make a Walmart run.


The Mouse know how to cook boiled peanuts (especially with Chinese Five Spice, Yum!) but it’s time consuming.

Yesterday, finally gave in and bought a tin.


Dunno if factory cooks then cans or cooks in can but the peanuts are hard to access (shells are hard to open and peanuts don’t release easily. Taste is okay, salty. Overall impression = meh. But cheap and cuts out the work.

The Mouse thinks next time he craves boiled peanuts, he’ll make his own.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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