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The Mouse’s favorite cuts of beef, the tail, and the tongue.

Browsing on Yelp, came across pictures of beef tongue only on Wednesday special at old school “cafe”. The Mouse obsessed for a couple of weeks.

A small detour on The Mouse’s commuting route. Not too far.

Finally decided to take the plunge.

The Place

Even the menu cover has an old school feel, too bad the prices are not the same. Sigh.

Oh well, forging ahead.


Super old school. Iceburg lettuce. Takes The Mouse back to eateries like The Wisteria, Colombia Inn, and Flamingo Restaurant, all gone now. Sigh.

Beef Tongue on Spinach

Cooked a very long time, fork tender, The Mouse thinks canned spinach, but no matter, old school vibe. Both socks off. Nom!

For dessert

Peach Pie

Again, The Mouse thinks canned peaches, not canned peach pie filling, but canned peaches. That’s okay, kept to the old school vibe.

Check put a slight dent in the wallet, but a small indulgence. The Mouse was happy. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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