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Meat Pies

Saw this place while browsing Yelp.


Positive reviews for their meat pies. Bakery is on the way to work. Too early on the commute into work (not open yet). Too late on the commute to home (already closed). Humph!

Had to renew my driver license so took a few hours off from work. Soooo, bakery open. Yay!

Bought two meat pies (one chicken, one beef) and one pineapple turnover, ‘cuz the shopkeep said the turnover was excellent. Try try.

Meat Pie

About the size of a personal pizza.

Chicken Pie

Pretty good, standout is the crust. Not flaky, crusty. Kinda like if unsweetened baklava and saloon pilot crackers had a baby.

Finished the beef pie and pineapple turnover for dinner.

Pineapple Turnover, Beef Pie

The pineapple pie was kinda disappoint. No pineapple chunks. smooth. Not sure what the filling ingredients were, gelatin, cornstarch? Saving grace was it wasn’t too sweet, and bakery used the same crust.

The beef pie? To kill for! Rich, but not heavy (if that makes sense), very umami. Nicely seasoned. And that crust! Awesome. Definitely on the “do it again” list, if there’s a chance.

The chicken pie is a close alternative, but The Mouse gotta take a pass on the turnover. Sorry.

I think if the bakery just baked crust, The Mouse would buy. 🙂

To balance the day, The Mouse also had a plate of fruit.

Orange, Clementine, Kiwi

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse.

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