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One of the mochi from last week.


Filled with red bean, pretty normal, but here’s the kicker, mochi was studded with ume! Awesome! Think asian flavored sea salt caramel. It’s that good. Maybe even better! 🙂

I know, Christmas still days away, but The Mouse bought little somethings for himself (and the kitchen).

Wood Composite Spatula, Folding Knife

The Mouse has been wanting to try one of the wood composite utensils for a while. The cheapo wooden utensil we usually buy gets beaten up pretty fast.

Oftentimes when The Mouse attends gatherings/potlucks/parties, he ends up helping prep or “food service”. Not that he minds but sometimes a small knife is needed and none to be found. The Mouse picked up an inexpensive Kershaw to use as a carry “prep” knife. Just so happens Kershaw is connected with Kai knives who produce the Shun line of knives. Just another useless trival tidbit roaming around in The Mouse’s head. Hee hee.

Jury still out about the knife. Definitely usable. But perfect? Not sure yet.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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