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The Cat is going on another trip this week. The Mouse picking up items for The Cat to pack. The Mouse tried to make it to a new-ish restaurant, Waioli Grill and Cafe, just couldn’t get there, so close and yet …

The Mouse ended up here.


Buffet in Waikiki, place handles meals for flight for one of the foreign airlines.

Plate One

Overall, decent, but the char siu sat in the steam tray too long. Sigh.

Plate Two

Kitchen did a better job with the pork chop and beef stew (five spiced, slow cooked).

Boiled Turnip

Absolute high point of the meal. Cooked long time, funky turnip taste (in a good way), better than oden. Ate with hot mustard. Mmm!

Mung Bean Soup and Orange Slices

Plus The Mouse asked for and got a Kama‘aina discount. 🙂

Not a frequent place on the list, but once in a great while.

Plan is to head to Waioli today, cross your fingers and toes. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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