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Kinda, sorta. “Played tourist” for Sunday dinner. Happy hour time. First stop Herringbone Waikiki.

Two Buck Shuck

The Mouse thought kinda tiny, but, I guess for the price …

Fish Taco – Grilled


Fish Taco – Fried

That night’s fish, Kajiki, two pieces of fish on each taco, The Mouse and The Cat traded a piece each so that each taco had one piece each of fried and grilled. Hee hee.

Brussels Sprouts and Mac Nuts

Super crispy.

Since The Cat and The Mouse were in the area¬†where Don Ho used to sing about “tiny bubbles” …

The Cat’s Tiny Bubbles

Also part of the happy hour menu. Hee hee hic.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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