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“Coming Soon” sign has been hanging for months. Tiny little strip mall. Used to be a little snack shop. The Mouse thought it would be a little sushi take-out joint.

Finally, the open sign goes up. The Cat’s on a trip for a friend’s wedding. The Mouse wanted something light and cool. On a whim, pulled in to check it out.


Turns out to be a full-on sushi bar. Since The Mouse was already there … Hee hee.


The Mouse wasn’t feeling full-on sushi bar mode, maybe next time (spoiler alert, there will definitely be a next time). 🙂

The Mouse got his salad.

Rainbow Salad

Slices of hamachi, ahi, sake, ebi. Nom!

And, in true Mouse fashion, has to order sushi bar egg omelet (at least for the first time).


This one, not bad, a little sweeter than expected, but firm and moist. The Mouse was happy.

And, for now, 15% off orders!

May be back soon! Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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