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The Mouse trying to add variety to The Cat’s bento.

Belly Pork

Poached the pork in water, whiskey, and apple cider vinegar.

Brussels Sprouts


Package of Yellow Rice and Pasta

Prepared the rice according to package instructions.

Yellow Rice

It’s okay to eat yellow rice, jus’ don’t eat yellow snow. Hee hee.


The Mouse did a quick sauté using the pork and a can of shredded bamboo shoot.

Pork with Shredded Bamboo Shoot

Didn’t get a sear on the pork. The Mouse didn’t want to haul out the big fry pan, used the non-stick mini pan instead, can’t crank the heat up on those pans. Still taste okay, just no color.

Toaster oven roasted the Brussels sprouts per The Barefoot Contessa’s instructions.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Does not include candied pecans like Herringbone, but The Mouse thinks tasty on its own. 🙂

And voila! packed everything into The Cat’s bento for Monday.

The Cat’s Bento

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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