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Okay, so The Mouse dug out an older portable hard drive and transferred most of the files over. Apparently, there are a file or two that are corrupted. Picture archive for about a month or so are gone (luckily pics already used on WordPress, so not so traumatic).

A voyage to Chinatown on Saturday, pick up more canned goods.

Black Sesame Paste

Smartphones have there place, especially when language is an issue. Take a picture, show to the other person, save a lot of hand motions and talking loud. However, in this case, there might still be a “lost in translation” thingy. The Mouse was looking for sweetened sesame paste, kinda like peanut butter substitute, but this jar is pure sesame seed paste. Maybe have to add a little honey when using.

Grass Jelly

Hot weather fave. 🙂

Preserved Olives and Olive Leaves

At least that’s what The Mouse thinks he bought, have to see when open. Different jar from picture on phone. Pictures help but not foolproof.

Porridge in a Can

The Cat can either use these for breakfast or her late night “vampire” tax sessions.

Another Porridge in a Can

At least these cans have picture representations. Hee hee.

Here’s hoping the portable disk drive holds on until The Mouse can find a replacement/back up.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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