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Only in SPAM Land?

Yesterday, chiropractor, dentist. Late breakfast/lunch, after 1:30 pm. The Mouse wanted something soupy, and maybe curry. Ramen combo near the grocery store.




The chasiu was very well prepared, moist, tender, and tasty.


Part of the combo, jus’ okay.

Last but not least, a new try for The Mouse.

SPAM Katsu Curry

What mad genius would think of battering and deep-frying a slice of SPAM. Wonderful NOM!

Curry was probably packaged Japanese style curry, which is okay, but the SPAM, salty, crusty. Happy Mouse.

Interior View

Now I realize this dish may not be for everyone, just the adventurous and the aficionados of SPAM. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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